As more organizations decide to go lean, demand is escalating for a skilled team and system wide approach for developing and implementing lean project plans. This course is designed to equip you with the broad knowledge and tools to map the transformation for developing a lean culture at your organization.

The APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop Series is organized to enable you to approach and understand the lean transformation process systematically. Using scenarios from a fictitious company, Murphy’s Toys, you will be tasked with finding lean solutions to a myriad of challenges. This method will provide you with the flexibility to immediately customize what you’ve learned and implement it at your own organization.

A Series of 7 Classes Hours:
Introduction to Lean Transformation 3 Hrs
Lean Culture 3 Hrs
Value Stream Mapping 3 Hrs
Stability and Process Improvements 3 Hrs
Just-in-Time 3 Hrs
Measuring 3 Hrs
Sustaining 3 Hrs
7 Classes x 3 Hours per Class (once per week) = 21 Hrs

Introduction to Lean Transformation

You will gain an overview of the many components of implementing a lean transformation in your organization and gauge your organization’s readiness through a hands-on assessment.

Lean Culture

Explore the effects of a lean implementation on your employees and learn about the importance of teams. The Kaizen, a team- oriented continuous improvement event will be introduced in this section.

Value Stream Mapping

Learn about value stream mapping and this tool’s value for viewing processes and determining potential areas of improvement. Draw a current state map and then learn about concepts to help you improve your future state.

Stability and Process Improvements

Learn how to improve process stability, achieve demand stability and improve manufacturing process efficiencies.


Determine customer demand, standard work, line balancing and many other tools to meet customer demand. Participants will explore the use of a heijunka system to meet customer demand through a hands-on activity.


Review the way a lean company measures and aligns measurements with objectives. Topics include lean accounting, inventory costs, target costs and lead time.


Learn about the long-term changes to sustain the gains made. Topics include lean design, analyzing failures and ensuring ongoing quality control and continuous improvement.

A Lean Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants who meet the requirements at the end of the series.


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