The APICS CPIM Part 1 certification (previously Basics of Supply Chain Management or BSCM) is an entry-level module and covers what you would expect – the basics. You’ll learn the concepts that govern the world of supply and demand, how the flow of goods and materials affects final output and how supply chain management works in different industries, including retail, distribution, manufacturing and service industries.

The topics of the CPIM Part 1 include:

Module 1: Supply Chain Overview
Section A: Operational Objectives to Meet Competitive Priorities
Section B: Marketing Strategies
Section C: Fundamentals of Sales and Operations Planning
Section D: Manufacturing Strategies
Section E: KPIs and Metrics
Section F: Sustainable and Socially Responsible Supply Chains

Module 2: Fundamentals of Demand Management
Section A: Creating a Product Road Map
Section B: Product Development
Section C: Characteristics of Demand
Section D: Forecasting

Module 3: Plan Supply
Section A: Master Production Schedule
Section B: Material Requirements Planning
Section C: Capacity Requirements Planning
Section D: Final Assembly Scheduling
Section E: Closing the Loop

Module 4: Executing the Supply Plan
Section A: Buy
Section B: Make

Module 5: Inventory Management
Section A: Inventory Investment and Days of Supply
Section B: Safety Stock
Section C: Item Segmentation
Section D: Order Quantity and Item Replenishment
Section E: Tracking Inventory Through Supply Chain
Section F: Basics of Reverse Logistics
Section G: Inventory Accuracy Audits
Section H: Addressing Inventory Loss
Section I: Planning and Managing Distribution Inventory

Module 6: Continuous Improvement and Quality Management and Technologies
Section A: Continuous Improvement
Section B: Information, Process, and Emerging Technologies


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CPIM Part 1