CPIM ECO - Execution and Control of Operations [Vista]


April 19, 2017
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
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Raveon Technologies Corporation
2320 Cousteau Ct.
Vista, CA 92081

This 8-week course (3 hours per session) focuses on three main areas: prioritizing and sequencing work; executing work plans, implementing controls, and reporting activity results; and evaluating and providing feedback on performance. The course explains techniques for scheduling and controlling production and process operations. It also addresses the execution of quality initiatives and continuous improvement plans as well as controlling and handling inventories. Finally, the course presents techniques for evaluating performance and collecting data for effective feedback.

  1. Prioritizing and Sequencing Work to be Performed
    1. Interfaces
    2. Production environment
    3. Scheduling Production and Process Operations
  2. Executing Plans, Implementing Physical Controls, and reporting Results of Activities Performed
    1. Authorizing and Reporting Activities for Push Systems
    2. Authorizing and Reporting Activities for Pull Systems
    3. Transaction Reporting
    4. Communicating Customer-Supplier Information
    5. Controlling Resources
    6. Executing Quality Initiatives, Eliminating Waste, and Implementing Continuous Improvement Plans
  3. Evaluating Performance and Providing Feedback
    1. Evaluating Quality Management Processes
    2. Monitoring Supplier Performance
    3. Evaluating Performance of Production Operations
    4. Evaluating Contractual and Regulatory Compliance and Cost Performance of Operations

For more detailed information about this course please visit APICS CPIM - Execution and Control of Operations


$425.00 [APICS Member]
$475.00 after 12:00 am April 12

$475.00 [Non-Member]
$525.00 after 12:00 am April 12